case notes and assorted ramblings
from the mind of mystery writer
Elizabeth K. Wadsworth

What's New?

Manhattan Confidential, the sequel to Murder Ballad, is coming soon! Also, my other novels, Murder Ballad and Crooks Behaving Badly, are only $0.99 on Amazon, from now until the New Year. Stay tuned for further developments!

I’m also working on my first urban fantasy, provisionally titled Raising Angels, in which Sammael, the Angel of Death, teams with a human to stop the Apocalypse as well as a rebellion within his own ranks and a sinister cabal bent on capturing and exploiting angels. This my first attempt at writing fantasy, and I hope readers will find my take on the Angelic realms a unique and interesting one.

Finally, I’ve begun outlining my third book in the Malloy and Russell series, The Naked Stiff. It will take the crime-solving duo outside the boundaries of the Big Apple for the first time, as they go undercover to investigate murder and mayhem among the filthy rich of Connecticut’s Gold Coast. I also have a nearly complete novella and short story set in the same fictional universe.

Follow the further adventures of Malloy and Russell in MANHATTAN CONFIDENTIAL, the sequel to MURDER BALLAD, coming in December 2015! Click the link to read an excerpt from this novel.
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